Regenerating Caustic During Mercaptan Extraction Processes

REGEN® and REGEN® ULS | Treatment Solutions

Developed by Merichem Technologies, REGEN® and REGEN® ULS (ULTRA-LOW SULFUR) reduce the consumption of caustic by allowing for the regeneration and reuse of the caustic solution. In this process, sodium mercaptides are oxidized to disulfide oil (DSO), recovering sodium hydroxide for reuse in the mercaptan treating process.

REGEN® Advantages

  • Reduces consumption of caustic by allowing caustic solution to be re‑used
  • Mercaptides are oxidized to disulfide oil (DSO), thus recovering sodium hydroxide
  • REGEN® ULS allows the return stream of regenerated caustic to have negligible DSO allowing ultra-low sulfur specifications to be met
  • Several design options available based on the treatment need

We offer multiple solutions for handling spent caustic:

MERICON | Spent Caustic Treatment

Treatment solutions for processing spent caustics


Spent Caustic Management

Removes spent caustic products safely and reliably from your facility for beneficial reuse.

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REGEN® Applications

  • All Caustic Streams Used in Mercaptan Removal Processes

How It Works

Coupled with THIOLEX technology, REGEN® regenerates the mercaptide-rich caustic purged from the THIOLEX system, returning a lean caustic stream for additional mercaptan removal. Depending on the stringency of the treated product specifications, gravity separation and/or solvent washing may be employed to minimize the impact of disulfide oil (DSO) back‑extraction.

Ideal for high-sulfur Coker LPG streams and LPG products requiring <5 wppm total sulfur, REGEN® ULS regenerates mercaptide-rich caustic and returns a lean caustic with minimal DSO content. This results in minimal DSO back-extraction into the LPG and ultra-low sulfur levels in the treated product

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