Technical Services

With decades of expertise in the design, fabrication and implementation of treatment solutions, Merichem Technologies is uniquely positioned to help solve your company’s challenges. Our specialized engineering teams are available for consultation—no service agreement required.

Site Visits

Need more than an email or phone call? Merichem Technologies’ technical service engineers can also bring that deep expertise right to you for minimally disruptive, on-site mechanical inspection and process evaluation. We are also happy to provide on-site training, startup support and troubleshooting.

Analytical Testing Services

With sample and process evaluation, Merichem Technologies can show you ways to optimize your processing unit and match your challenge to the right solution.

Merichem® 3S Program for LO‑CAT®

Unit optimization is a great way to improve operational efficiency. Our Sample Subscription Service makes it even more efficient by providing discounted LO‑CAT® analyses for 12 samples. This service extends 18 months from the time of purchase and includes standard LO‑CAT® analysis and operating recommendations from Merichem Technologies’ Technical Services. Other analyses are available, including tests for chlorides and bacteria.

Request a call from our technical experts.

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