A blend of stability and excitement, Merichem Technologies offers candidates a breadth of opportunity in a diverse and innovative environment. From operations to technical sales to engineering, we’ve prepared your path to success.

Merichem Technologies employees


Some of our employees have been with us for 40 years. There’s a reason for that. At Merichem Technologies, every door is open and everyone has a voice. Because we value talent, we make it a point to recognize and reward those who demonstrate excellence in safety, sales and innovation.

Professional Development

We promote an open environment, encouraging communication between managers and employees. Creating opportunities for both upward and lateral mobility, we also offer training classes, with certifications and an agile performance management system, to guide employees along their chosen career path.


Merichem Technologies continues the history of community involve­ment and volunteering. Our personnel have participated in walks for the Amer­ican Lung Association to commemorate a staff member who passed away from cancer. Our personnel supported Kid’s Meals, a local organization that delivers kids meals to preschool children who cannot afford lunches. We encourage each staff member to take a day to volun­teer at their own favorite organization by providing each employee with a day off specifically for this. We believe that giving back to the community reinforces our place in it.

Social Responsibility

Merichem Technologies embraces social responsibility, which we demonstrate via our socially accountability to our customers, stake­holders, and the world at large.

We take safety very seriously, which is indicated by the safety awards we have won. We also have a strong diversity and inclusion (D&I) program. We are proud of our acceptance of equal rights and opportunities for all workers.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are a female-led company; our CEO is female as is 40% of the Board of Directors. We also have a strong, diverse presence in our engineering and technical staff including both gender and racial di­versity. We are an international company and pride ourselves on our ability to ensure everyone works on an even playing field.


Because we respect and value our employees, we promote a work-life balance, with a holistic approach to wellness that includes financial, emotional and physical benefits. We also provide a top-tier 401(k) package and competitive benefits that include flexible work schedules and sick and vacation days.