Remove Naphthenic Acid Compounds Without Emulsions

NAPFINING | Caustic Extraction of Naphthenic Acids

Merichem Technologies’ NAPFINING technology is a proven solution for removing naphthenic acid compounds from jet fuel, kerosene, diesel, condensate and crude oil streams—without causing debilitating emulsions. As a highly efficient method of mass transfer, NAPFINING uses our proprietary FIBER FILM® Contactor with caustic as the treating reagent.


Leveraging the unique features of our FIBER FILM Contactor technology, NAPFINING can significantly reduce space and CAPEX cost requirements for operators. Other dvantages include:

  • Proven, highly efficient pre-treatment process to remove naphthenic and carboxylic acids from heavy naphtha, kerosene, jet fuel. diesel, condensates and light crude oils with minimal emulsion formation
  • Better performance than electrostatic precipitation for emulsion prevention
  • Ideal solution for removal of TAN from hydrocarbons in the range of 0.1 to 1 mg KOH/g or above; has commercially treated up to 0.5 TAN in the feed

FFC Plus Technology

Increase your hydrocarbon treating rates by up to 150% with Merichem Technologies’ advanced FIBER FILM® technology.

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NAPFINING Applications

  • Kerosene / Jet Fuel
  • Middle Distillate Treatment
  • Diesel Treatment
  • Crude Distillation Unit
  • FCCU or RCCU
  • Coker, Visbreaker or Hydrocracker
  • NGL Fractionation
  • Gas Production Field
  • Oil Production Field
  • Oil Sands Heavy Oil Upgrader

How It Works

By significantly increasing the liquid surface area achieved with Merichem Technologies’ FIBER FILM® Contactor mechanism, NAPFINING provides a more efficient method of mass transfer — with little to no emulsification, carryover or high‑pressure drop during phase transfer.

Established Performance

Merichem Technologies has provided the oil and gas industry with a variety of innovative solutions. Our depth of expertise in caustic treatment technology and service solutions is unmatched, as is our total commitment to supporting our customers.

Extensive Capabilities

Merichem Technologies’ comprehensive range of capabilities includes solution design, engineering, fabrication, research and development, testing and service.

Proven Flexibility, Global Reach

Merichem Technologies has helped customers all over the world solve their processing and treatment challenges with proven, industry‑changing technology.

We have licensed more than 80 NAPFINING units worldwide.

Stream Types
NAPFINING has been used to extract naphthenic acids from the following stream types:
Kerosene / Jet Fuel (50 Units)
Diesel (4 Units)
Naphthas (6 Units)
Others (16 Units)