Sweetening Mercaptans in Kerosene, Jet Fuel, Middle Distillate and Condensate

MERICAT II and MERICAT J | Caustic Sweetening of Mercaptans

MERICAT II and MERICAT J technologies are proven solutions for sweetening heavy mercaptans contained in kerosene, jet, middle-distillate and condensate.

When used with Merichem Technologies’ proprietary FIBER FILM® Contactor high-efficiency mass-transfer device, these technologies reduce the CAPEX and space requirements associated with conventional solutions.

MERICAT II Advantages

Used with a carbon bed, this technology is typically applicable to the treatment of kerosene, jet fuel and middle-distillate streams.

  • Reduces mercaptan content
  • Uses caustic to meet mercaptan specifications and pass Doctor tests
  • Often paired with NAPFINING for removal of naphthenic acids as well as AQUAFINING to scrub sodium and surfactants; uses salt and clay treatment for final polishing

MERICAT J Advantages

Used without a carbon bed, this technology requires no carbon handling, purchase, cleaning, maintenance or disposal costs.

  • No carbon fouling or deactivation resulting in off-spec product
  • Extremely effective oxidation reactor for heavy or recombinant mercaptans
  • Capable of removing naphthenic acids without affecting mercaptan oxidation performance
  • Uses proprietary JeSOL®-9 solution, which provides full lifecycle responsibility by Merichem Technologies
  • Eliminates effluent disposal by offering ongoing supply and return of JeSOL®-9 solution
  • Used with FIBER FILM® Contactor
  • Lower cost at high mercaptan levels or high throughput
  • Reduced color body formation
  • Can often be retrofitted into legacy carbon beds to increase capacity and treatability

FFC Plus Technology

Merichem Technologies’ most advanced FIBER FILM® Contactor technology to date is used on every MERICAT J installation.

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  • Kerosene / Jet Fuel
  • Middle Distillate Treatment
  • Crude Distillation Unit
  • FCCU or RCCU
  • Condensates

How It Works

Developed by Merichem Technologies our proprietary FIBER FILM® Contactor device features ultra-thin, aqueous-wetted fibers that increase the surface area, resulting in significantly greater efficiency of conversion or mass transfer—with little to no emulsification, carryover or high‑pressure drop.

Established Performance

Merichem Technologies has developed proven technologies to the oil and gas industry for over 50 years. We have built a global reputation for expertise in caustic treatment technology and service solutions, delivered with dedicated and responsive service to our customers.

Extensive Capabilities

We are a full-service solution provider. Whether it’s licensing technology, guidance, design, engineering, fabrication, testing or implementation, Merichem Technologies has the resources to fill in your blanks.

Proven Flexibility, Global Reach

All around the world, Merichem Technologies has helped customers address some of their most challenging treatment problems with expertise and tenacity.

We have licensed more than 50 MERICAT II / MERICAT J units worldwide

Stream Types
MERICAT II / MERICAT J have been used to sweeten mercaptans in the following stream types:
Kerosene / Jet Fuel (31 Units)
Diesel (2 Units)
Naphthas (9 Units)
Others (8 Units)