Contaminants We Treat

Merichem Technologies offers numerous solutions for the extraction and catalytic conversion of a wide range of harmful contaminants from your process streams—from hydrogen sulfide to mercaptans. We also have technologies for spent caustic treatment and reuse.

Reliable and Proven Technologies

Our solutions have been licensed in hundreds of downstream, midstream, upstream and petrochemical applications around the world. Driving that acceptance is more than half a century history of success in improving performance and profitability for our customers. Through innovation, our expertise and capabilities have grown significantly.

Customer-Focused Team of Experts

Our expertise is as deep as it is wide, extending to engineering, design, fabrication, testing, analytics, technology and service. That means the solutions we provide are based on multidisciplinary perspectives guaranteed to meet your unique specifications, performance and warranty requirements.

Remove the Obstacles to Performance and Profit

Merichem Technologies is continually driven to improve the efficiency of gas processing and hydrocarbon treatment, eliminating any challenges that stand in the way.

Hydrogen Sulfide
[ H2S ]

Liquid redox and extraction solutions for removing H2S from process streams.

H2S Solutions »

[ RSH ]

Extraction and sweetening solutions for mercaptans in hydrocarbon streams.

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Carbonyl Sulfide
[ COS ]

Proven solutions to eliminate COS from downstream and midstream process streams.

COS Solutions »

Carbon Dioxide
[ CO2 ]

Efficient and effective CO2 removal for upstream, midstream and downstream applications

CO2 Solutions »

Naphthenic Acids

Extract naphthenic acids without electrostatic precipitators to break emulsions.

RCOOH Solutions »


Process technologies for extracting elemental sulfur, NaOH, amines, water‑soluble oxygenates, and ester compounds

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Increased efficiency with our patented FIBER FILM® Contactor.

Overcome the limitations of conventional dispersion and phase separation methods. FIBER FILM® technology, along with our next-generation FFC Plus, dramatically improves the efficiency of mass transfer while lowering costs.

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