Extracting Sulfur from Light FCC Gasoline with No Octane Loss

January 11, 2020

Full boiling range fluid catalytic cracked (FCC) gasoline contributes about 98 percent of the sulfur found in finished gasoline. While hydrotreating can be used to reduce the sulfur of light FCC gasoline, it’s not always an economically viable solution, since olefins—which contribute significant octane—are destroyed in the hydrotreating process. Caustic treating, on the other hand, does not affect olefins in any way. In seven compelling case studies, learn about Merichem Technologies’ THIOLEX and REGEN® technologies with FIBER FILM® Contactors, Merichem’s game-changing, caustic-based technology for extracting different sulfur compounds.

Download our technical paper on removal of sulfur from light FCC gasoline.

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