Removing or Sweetening of Mercaptan Compounds in Hydrocarbon Streams

MERICAT | Caustic Sweetening of Mercaptans

First licensed in 1977, MERICAT technology from Merichem Technologies has been successfully used in gasoline/naphtha, condensate and crude oil streams for the sweetening of mercaptan compounds. With our proprietary FIBER FILM® Contactor as the mass transfer device, MERICAT uses caustic/catalyst/air as treating reagents.


  • Reduces mercaptan content, using a strong caustic to meet mercaptan specifications and pass Doctor tests
  • Allows customers to meet pipeline specification requirements for NGL, Y-grade fuels, pentane or condensate
  • Simple and proven technology for sweetening light mercaptans in a hydrocarbon stream; a single vessel can achieve the RSH sweetening—no need for additional settling vessels
  • Removes odorous RSH with minimal processing to meet total sulfur specifications

FFC Plus Technology

The latest iteration of Merichem Technologies’ FIBER FILM® Contactor technology, FFC Plus can increase hydrocarbon treating rates by up to 150 percent as compared to earlier designs.

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MERICAT Applications

  • Condensates
  • Light Crude Oils
  • Naphtha Treating (Gasoline, Alkylate, Raffinate, Straight-Run)
  • Gas Production Field
  • Oil Production Field
  • Crude Distillation Unit

How It Works

Thanks to the dramatic increase in liquid surface area achieved by Merichem Technologies’ FIBER FILM® Contactor, MERICAT achieves maximum efficiency of conversion—with little to no emulsification, carryover or high‑pressure drop during phase transfer.

Established Performance

For over half a century, Merichem Technologies has provided innovative solutions to the oil and gas industry, establishing a reputation of expertise in caustic treatment technology and service solutions. Equally uncommon is our dedication to our customers and solving their problems.

Support, A to Z

The depth of Merichem Technologies’ expertise is reinforced by the breadth of its capabilities, which include solution design, engineering, fabrication, research and development, testing and service.

Proven Flexibility, Global Reach

Merichem Technologies has helped customers over the world solve their treatment challenges with proven, industry‑changing technology.

We have licensed more than 150 MERICAT units worldwide

Stream Types
MERICAT has been used to sweeten mercaptans in the following stream types:
Heavy Gasolines (50 Units)
Light Gasolines (18 Units)
Naphthas (40 Units)
LPG (8 Units)
Others (35 Units)