Removing Ester Compounds from Alkylation Reactor Product Streams

ESTEREX | Acid Extraction of Contaminants

Developed by Merichem Technologies, ESTEREX is a proven technology for the removal of neutral and acidic ester compounds from alkylation reactor product streams. It uses our highly efficient FIBER FILM® Contactor as the mass-transfer device, with sulfuric acid as the treating reagent.


ESTEREX technology, used with Merichem Technologies’ proprietary FIBER FILM® Contactor, help operators in a number of ways:

  • Lower CAPEX
  • Less plant space required compared to other treating alternatives
  • Faster and more efficient mass-transfer process
  • Proven technology

FFC Plus Technology

Increase your hydrocarbon treating rates by up to 150% with Merichem Technologies advanced FIBER FILM® technology.

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ESTEREX Application

  • Alkylation

How it Works

With the FIBER FILM® Contactor mass-transfer mechanism, liquid surface area is significantly increased. This improves the efficiency of the process, allowing for higher flow rates with little to no emulsification, carryover or high‑pressure drop during phase transfer.

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