Removing H2S from Gas Streams

LO-CAT® | Sulfur Recovery Technology

With Merichem Technologies exclusive sulfur recovery technology, this patented liquid redox system uses a chelated iron solution to convert H2S into innocuous, elemental sulfur.

LO-CAT® Advantages

  • Can remove H2S from virtually any gas stream
  • Available process guarantees less than 1 ppm H2S
  • Chemical-based sulfur removal — more reliable and flexible than biological treatment
  • No liquid waste streams
  • No hazardous waste products produced
  • High turndown (up to 100%)
  • Highly customizable to specific treatment needs
  • Aqueous-based process at low temperatures
  • Uses proprietary catalyst solution and chemicals
  • Low operating cost
  • 99.9 % or more reduction of H2S
  • Continuously regenerated catalyst for low operating costs
  • Lower OPEX vs. scavengers; lower CAPEX vs. Claus plants
  • Reliable and cost-efficient removal of H2S; easily accommodates sulfur loads up to 20 tons/day
  • Process can directly treat gas streams or serve as the sulfur recovery unit (SRU) downstream of an acid-gas removal (amine) unit


We offer a variety of solutions for hydrogen sulfide removal.

THIOLEX | Caustic Extraction of Sulfur Compounds

Removes acid gas and mercaptan compounds from liquid and gas hydrocarbon streams.


AMINEX | Amine Extraction of Acid Gas

Use amine to extract H2S, CO2 or COS from gas and LPG streams.

About AMINEX »



  • H2S Removal from Gas Streams

How LO-CAT® Works

LO-CAT’s aqueous-based ambient temperature process features a chelated-iron catalyst that is applicable to any gas stream. With removal efficiencies of over 99.9 percent and up to 100 percent turndown, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is converted to elemental sulfur.

Innovations for Performance

Merichem Technologies has provided innovative technology and equipment to the oil and gas industry for over half a century. Our proven solutions have continuously helped our customers achieve greater performance and profitability.

Comprehensive and Committed

Complementing our depth of expertise in gas processing is a breadth of capability that includes engineering, design, fabrication, analytics, testing and service support. Merichem Technologies is here to help our customers meet their specifications, performance and warranty requirements.

Proven Flexibility, Global Reach

With extensive capabilities and a flexible array of supply-chain options, Merichem Technologies has helped customers all over the world address some of their most challenging treatment problems.

We have licensed more than 230 LO‑CAT® units worldwide

Gas Type
LO-CAT® has been used to recover sulfur in the following gas types:
Acid Gas (46%)
Air (14%)
Biogas (8%)
Fuel Gas (9%)
Landfill Gas (2%)
Natural Gas (10%)
Syngas (5%)
Rx Off‑Gas (5%)