Research & Development

When your caustic treatment challenges require more technical expertise, Merichem Technologies’ John T. Files Technical Center (FTC) offers robust R&D capabilities, supported by expert teams of engineers, chemists and technical personnel.

Files Technical Center: Where Innovation Thrives

Located in Houston, Texas, FTC coordinates with Merichem Technologies’ business units to provide timely analytical and technical services support for new and current customers as well as prospective customers. We strive to continually expand our expertise and capabilities with innovative solutions.

Solving Difficult Problems

We field a wide range of requests. We can help determine composition for various streams, along with material balances in the optimization of treater operations. We also develop new products and design new processes to improve performance for refinery caustic customers and suppliers.

Analytical Testing

FTC has the instrumentation on-site to analyze any feedstock, including LPG, gasoline, jet fuel, crude, condensates, rich caustics and spent caustics across a wide range of criteria. In addition to pilot units for every Merichem Technologies process, we have bench-scale tests that can be quickly run on smaller samples.