About Merichem Technologies

Merichem Technologies is a global leader in full-service sulfur removal, caustic treating and spent caustic treatment technologies. Our reputation stands on principles of proven performance, unsurpassed expertise and an uncommon commitment to our customers.

Our Focus Is You

With an extensive history of providing process technology, engineering, and equipment to the oil and gas industry, there are few problems we haven’t solved. Even so, we treat every challenge as unique and strive to provide our customers with optimal solutions. We listen, think and innovate in a responsive manner with the intent of building relationships that endure. Our approach has resulted in Merichem Technologies’ ongoing evolution.

Comprehensive and Proven Capabilities

Contaminants stand in the way of your performance and profitability. Merichem Technologies is in the business of effectively removing impurities for upstream, midstream and downstream, and petrochemicals companies. Through engineering, design, fabrication, testing, analytics, technology and service, we develop proprietary solutions guaranteed to meet your specifications, performance and warranty requirements.

Built on Sustainability

Merichem Technologies provides a proactive approach to sustainable operations for the long-term interests of its customers. Its technologies and services help customers move away from generalizations and “feel-good” buzzwords and embrace ESG responsibilities and profitable initiatives unlike any other solution out there. Don’t let the others fool you – Merichem Technologies is truly a leader in the ESG space.

Company History

Founded in 1945, Merichem Technologies has a long relationship within the oil and gas industry as well as a long history of innovation. We pioneered the recovery of cresylic acids from heavy FCC spent caustics and in the 70s, invested in our own barges, developed our revolutionary FIBER FILM® extraction process and acquired the John T. Files Technical Center for its research and development initiatives. Acquisitions and steady global growth followed, as we expanded our capabilities to include chemical manufacturing as well as fabrication capabilities for our modules and proprietary equipment. Today, Merichem Technologies continues its innovative success, granting over 1,250 technical licenses to operate various technology offerings, providing our clients with consistently flexible and reliable service.

At Merichem Technologies, we’ve spent over 75 years delivering innovative solutions to our customers through robust technologies, excellence in service and sustainability solutions.

At Merichem Technologies we’ve spent over 75 years delivering innovative solutions to our customers through robust technologies, excellence in service and sustainability solutions.

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RSH Sweetening
Acids / Acid Esters Removal
Amine Removal
Caustic Regeneration
CO2 Removal
COD Reduction
COS Removal
Digestor gas from agricultural plants
Elemental Sulfur Removal
Forestry waste, used cooking oil, animal-fat feedstocks
Garbage-to-fuel processes
Garbage-to-power processes
H2S Removal
Landfill gas
Liquid Extraction
Liquid Mass Transfer Equipment
NaHS Removal
NaOH Removal
Naphthenic/Organic Acids (RCOOH) Removal
Off-spec Chemical Removal
pH Neutralization Chemical
Renewable diesel refining
RSH Removal
RSH Sweetening
Soda Makeup Chemical
Solvent Extraction
Spent Caustic Management / Removal
Spent Caustic Neutralization
Spent Caustic Treatment
Sulfur Makeup Chemical
Synthesis gas (syngas)
Water Soluble Oxygenates Removal

North America

  • 5 AMINEX Units
  • 21 AQUAFINING Units
  • 126 LO-CAT® Units
  • 70 MERICAT Units
  • 13 MERICAT II / J Units
  • 2 MERICON Units
  • 19 NAPFINING Units
  • 26 REGEN® Units
  • 153 THIOLEX Units

South America

  • 3 AMINEX Units
  • 14 AQUAFINING Units
  • 8 LO-CAT® Units
  • 4 MERICAT Units
  • 6 MERICAT II / J Units
  • 8 MERICON Units
  • 12 NAPFINING Units
  • 8 REGEN® Units
  • 26 THIOLEX Units


  • 1 AQUAFINING Units
  • 3 LO-CAT® Units
  • 1 MERICAT Units
  • 1 MERICAT II / J Units
  • 4 NAPFINING Units
  • 1 REGEN® Units
  • 2 THIOLEX Units


  • 6 AMINEX Units
  • 23 AQUAFINING Units
  • 29 LO-CAT® Units
  • 21 MERICAT Units
  • 10 MERICAT II / J Units
  • 5 MERICON Units
  • 14 NAPFINING Units
  • 6 REGEN® Units
  • 43 THIOLEX Units


  • 18 AMINEX Units
  • 44 AQUAFINING Units
  • 52 LO-CAT® Units
  • 59 MERICAT Units
  • 22 MERICAT II / J Units
  • 20 MERICON Units
  • 32 NAPFINING Units
  • 20 REGEN® Units
  • 121 THIOLEX Units


  • 2 AQUAFINING Units
  • 9 LO-CAT® Units
  • 2 MERICON Units
  • 2 NAPFINING Units
  • 1 THIOLEX Units
  • LO-CAT®

Delivering Proven Solutions Worldwide

Merichem Technologies’ solutions are global. With multinational offices and facilities, technology and service, products and expertise—we’re responsive and accessible.

Industry Partnerships

Merichem Technologies is proud to partner with leading industry organizations

Sustainability and Safety Achievements

First Place Safety Award

Presented by Manufacture Alabama for zero recordable incidents and no lost-time workdays—seventh award in nine years

Occupational Excellence Achievement Award

Recognized a zero OSHA recordable rate, maintained for three years

National Safety Council

Recognized for Merichem Technologies facility in Houston, Texas (in conjunction with Jacobs)

Beyond Zero Significant Milestone

Awarded to Merichem Technologies by Jacobs