Removing Acid Gas and Carbonyl Sulfide from Hydrocarbon Streams

AMINEX | Amine Extraction of Contaminants

Developed by Merichem Technologies’ AMINEX is a proven technology for the removal of acid gas (H2S) and carbonyl sulfide (COS) from LPG-type liquid and gas streams.

Both technologies use Merichem Technologies’ FIBER FILM® Contactor device for mass transfer, with the appropriate amine as the treating reagent.


AMINEX technology, used with Merichem Technologies’ proprietary FIBER FILM® Contactor, helps our clients in a number of ways:

  • Reduced capital expenditures
  • Less plant space required compared to other treating alternatives
  • Faster and more efficient mass-transfer process
  • Proven technology

FFC Plus Technology

The latest iteration of Merichem Technologies’ FIBER FILM® Contactor technology, FFC Plus can increase hydrocarbon treating rates by up to 150 percent as compared to earlier designs.

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AMINEX Applications

  • NGL Fractionation
  • Crude Distillation Unit
  • FCCU or RCCU
  • Coker, Visbreaker or Hydrocracker
  • Gas Production Field
  • Oil Production Field
  • Oil Sands Heavy Oil Upgrader

How It Works

Increasing the liquid surface area with Merichem Technologies FIBER FILM® Contactor provides a much more efficient process of mass transfer, optimizing AMINEX technology. Better yet, there’s little to no emulsification, carryover or high-pressure drop during phase transfer.

History of Expertise

Merichem Technologies has a long history of providing process technology and equipment to the oil and gas industry. Our experience is unmatched, as is our total commitment to supporting our customers.

Capable Problem Solvers

All over the world, we help our customers remove the obstacles to performance and profitability—through engineering, design, fabrication, testing, analytics, technology and services. Our capabilities are comprehensive, and our dedication is total.

Proven Flexibility, Global Reach

Merichem Technologies has helped customers all over the world solve their treating challenges with proven, industry‑changing technology.

We have licensed more than 25 AMINEX units worldwide.

Stream Types
AMINEX has been used to extract contaminants from the following stream types:
Str Run + Coker LPG (9 Units)
Sat LPG (11 Units)
Unsat LPG (3 Units)
Mixed LPG (2 Units)
Others (6 Units)