Recyclable Caustics

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As a cost-effective alternative to virgin caustic materials, Merichem® provides the pulp and paper and other industries with recyclable caustic products from caustic treating operations in various refinery and petrochemical processes. In addition to reducing chemical costs, this approach helps companies achieve sustainability goals by promoting beneficial reuse.

Recyclable caustic products are cost-effective solutions used in a variety of industrial applications, including:

  • Soda and/or Sulfur makeup chemicals
  • Caustic soda and white liquor substitutes
  • Alkalinity sources for pH adjustment

Focused on Quality and Reusable Products

More than just suppliers of recyclable chemicals, we are experts in spent caustic products. From treating to handling, we apply 360‑degree control of the process, ensuring that our solutions are able to meet a wide range of end user specifications. Committed to meeting the highest quality standards, we analyze the chemical composition of shipments and conduct monthly sampling and testing for products inventoried in our various storage tanks.

Recyclable Caustic Products We Offer:

Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)

Also known as caustic soda, this highly valued commodity chemical is typically used as a cooking liquor component in Kraft pulping and to adjust pH in other applications.

Potassium Hydroxide (KOH)

Also known as caustic potash, KOH is a strong base chemical with a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing uses.

Sodium Hydrosulfide (NaHS)

Offered in weaker concentrations (from 15 to 25%), NaHS is often preferred to salt cake or emulsified sulfur for sulfidity control in Kraft pulp mills.

Recycled Caustic vs. Fresh Caustic in Industrial Processes

Recycled Caustics is a fresh caustic that has been repurposed from a prior manufacturing process. Recyclable alternatives from Merichem® can be a cost-effective option compared to fresh caustic.


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A History of Excellence in Environmental Sustainability

From its first year, Merichem’s corporate mission was to take the unwanted by-product caustics from refineries and manufacture usable products from them. Merichem® founders John Files and Ed Lewis always saw the company as an environmental service to refiners and to the communities surrounding refineries.

Capabilities and Logistics

We are continually expanding our capabilities to meet our clients’ evolving needs. In addition to providing recyclable caustic products, Merichem® offers contaminant removal technologies, engineering, fabrication, testing, technology licensing and supply chain capabilities available worldwide.