Merichem Technologies Enhances Sulfur Treatment Capabilities with Acquisition of Chemical Products Industries

April 24, 2024

HOUSTON & OKLAHOMA CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Merichem Technologies (the “Company”), a portfolio company of Black Bay Energy Capital (“Black Bay”), announced today the closing of its acquisition of Chemical Products Industries (“CPI”), a provider of novel chemistries for sulfur removal and industrial cleaning applications. CPI’s flagship product line, the SULFURTRAP® family of adsorbents, delivers a highly efficient, lower cost, and environmentally friendly solution for sulfur contaminants in natural gas and biogas. The acquisition of CPI aligns with Merichem Technologies’ strategy to be a leading provider of sulfur treating solutions across a broad range of concentrations and end-markets.

Merichem Technologies, acquired by Black Bay in early 2024, is a global provider of sulfur treating solutions, including market-leading technologies such as LO-CAT®, FIBER FILM®, THIOLEX®, MERICAT®, MERICON®, and a suite of proprietary chemical catalysts. The Company has treated sulfur and related impurities for decades, across various end markets that include refining, renewable fuels, biogas, midstream, petrochemical, and other industrial applications.

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