Fast Tracked Midstream Project Awarded to MERICHEM® Company

May 8, 2014
Pressure tank in Merichem's facility

Merichem was awarded a new “fast tracked” midstream project by an undisclosed operator for removing mercaptans from Natural Gas Liquids using the company’s proprietary THIOLEX, REGEN, and MERICAT technologies. Citing new proposal, process design, purchasing, and manufacturing efficiencies, Mr. Ronald Buras, Vice President and General Manager of Merichem’s Process Technologies said, “This latest project shows Merichem’s commitment to delivering its process technology when our customers need it. When this unit ships, we will have broken every record for delivery schedule. This enables our customer to begin monetizing its midstream investments weeks before the alternate technologies’ delivery schedule. We operate at the speed of our midstream customers’ business safely, efficiently, and dependably.”

Merichem has over 200 licensed THIOLEX units operating worldwide.

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