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RSH Sweetening
Acids / Acid Esters Removal
Amine Removal
Caustic Regeneration
CO2 Removal
COD Reduction
COS Removal
Digestor gas from agricultural plants
Elemental Sulfur Removal
Forestry waste, used cooking oil, animal-fat feedstocks
Garbage-to-fuel processes
Garbage-to-power processes
H2S Removal
Landfill gas
Liquid Extraction
Liquid Mass Transfer Equipment
NaHS Removal
NaOH Removal
Naphthenic/Organic Acids (RCOOH) Removal
Off-spec Chemical Removal
pH Neutralization Chemical
Renewable diesel refining
RSH Removal
RSH Sweetening
Soda Makeup Chemical
Solvent Extraction
Spent Caustic Management / Removal
Spent Caustic Neutralization
Spent Caustic Treatment
Sulfur Makeup Chemical
Synthesis gas (syngas)
Water Soluble Oxygenates Removal

At Merichem Technologies: Modular Fabrication Build

October 22, 2021

Merichem Technologies Enhances Sulfur Treatment Capabilities with Acquisition of Chemical Products Industries

Innovative Process Solutions Powered by Expert Service

Remove RSH, H2S, CO2 and COS with THIOLEX

Featuring our proprietary FIBER FILM® Contactor, Merichem Technologies’ THIOLEX technology uses a caustic solution to remove mercaptan compounds and other impurities. It allows for total sulfur reduction in hydrocarbon streams to meet client specifications while delivering greater design and operational flexibility, improving sales and profits.


H2S Removal with LO-CAT®

Merichem Technologies’ patented liquid redox system uses a chelated iron solution to convert dangerous H2S into innocuous, elemental sulfur. Chemical-based, it offers greater reliability and flexibility than biological treatment—with no liquid waste streams or waste products.

About LO-CAT

Regenerate Spent Caustic Product with REGEN®

Merichem Technologies’ REGEN® technology reduces caustic consumption through the regeneration of the caustic solution. With applications in all caustic streams used in mercaptan treating processes, it allows mercaptides to be oxidized into disulfide oil (DSO), recovering sodium hydroxide and minimizing virgin caustic consumption.


Treat Your Spent Caustic On‑Site with MERICON

MERICON I, II, and III treatment technologies are used in the processing of spent caustic products for BOD / COD reduction, odor control, and pH adjustment to allow the final stream to meet specifications for wastewater treating facilities.


A team of technical experts at your service

Questions or treatment challenges? Merichem Technologies specialized engineering teams are available by email 365 days a year. For more in-depth support, we also offer on-site visits, analytical testing services, process evaluations, and subscription-based LO‑CAT® analyses.

Increase your treating rates by up to 150% with our patented FFC Plus

Our next-generation FFC Plus  technology is designed to be used with a variety of our solutions.

Industries We Serve

For a wide range of applications worldwide, Merichem Technologies offers proven solutions for treating sulfur and other impurities. We can also support clients in the management of spent caustic products for beneficial reuse, promoting sustainability or technology solutions to allow caustics to be sent to waste-water treatment systems.


Merichem Technologies provides solutions for oil and gas applications, chemical and petrochemical plants, including complete treatment units engineered and fabricated to client specifications. Alternatively, Merichem Technologies can fast-track a project using Merichem Technologies’ specifications when this better fits a client’s needs.

About Downstream


Merichem Technologies offers direct treatment solutions to remove H2S from most types of gas streams, including natural gas, air, CO2, acid gas, biogas, landfill gas, refinery gas, and more. Merichem Technologies also offers liquid treating solutions to remove or sweeten sulfur compounds to meet pipeline and fractionator specifications for our midstream clients. Our ability to fast-track our projects using Merichem Technologies standards also fits in the needs of our midstream clients’ schedule requirements and ensures our clients can be up and running quickly.

About Midstream


Merichem Technologies has cost-effective solutions for the treatment of whole crude, crude sweetening, and sulfur extraction without the decomposition of DSO back to RSH.

About Upstream

Specialty Applications

With our patented LO-CAT® technology, Merichem Technologies accommodates specialty applications for H2S removal from any acid gas stream.

About Special H2S Removal

Biofuels & Renewables

Merichem Technologies provides solutions that desulfurize biofuels and renewables. Designed to significantly reduce CAPEX and OPEX, our proven technologies remove sulfur and other acidic impurities from process streams, ensuring product streams meet specifications.

About Biofuels & Renewables

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